His name is Angus MacCowd, the Dairylander. He was born in 1592 in the Dairylands of Wisconsin and he is still alive. He is immoortal.

For 408 years he's been a warrior, a lover, a wanderer, a champion. But he is not alone. There are others like him; some domestic, some feral. For centuries he has battled the forces of darkness, constantly facing other immoortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head of cattle and, with it, his power.

I am a Oversteer, part of a secret society of bulls and heifers who observe and record but never interfere. We know the truth about Immoortals. In the end there can be only one -- may it be Angus MacCowd, the Dairylander.

-- Joe Braford


October 15, 2000

We now have a message board throug EZBoard, You can leave your feedback about our site to everyone on the web here!


April 1, 2000

Yep, it is April Fool's Day, and I didn't get fooled once! Well Now I am officially sending out a CATTLE CALL to all those interested in making this website not only great, but profitable! New artwork is on the way, and there is the possibility of putting a MOO or MUD up soon! Research is currently underway.

As before I still need MOOsicians, Programmers and graphic artists (I only have so much talent) and while the email list hasn't been "happening" I will begin posting ideas for comment/criticism there in the next few days.

Again, if you want to do some serious work and possibly seriously get paid for it, then email me at! Anyone can join the mailing list and get more information, or participate in our growth!


March 21, 2000

You may be saying to yourself, "This is a pretty bland web page." Well, you would be right! ImMOOrtals is now online, and as you can see, we are not quite ready for "prime time".

This is where YOU come in! As you may know, most websites, projects, ideas, etc. are a product of many talented people's efforts. People like you!

In case you have gotten up to this point without realizing what we are about, we are a parody site of that TV Series about "immortals". We have big ideas about where we want to go and what we want to accomplish with this site, including the following:

  • THIS web site, updated and improved (alot!).
  • Merchandising: Apparel, Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads, etc.
  • Online graphic novel (HTML Comic Book)
  • Possible PC Game, with Online players.

We are looking for graphic artists, digital musicians, and programmers willing to initially work for the enjoyment of showcasing their talents and capabilities. As the site grows and begins turning a profit, we will compensate our partners accordingly.

For Further information join our email discussion list:

Please send a brief synopsis of your skills/talents to:



Fished saved from pond in Outer Banks of North Carolina